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Join Hands to Build an Ecosystem of Chronic Disease Services丨Hasten Biopharma & Sinopharm Group Signed a Strategic Collaboration Framework Agreement in Shanghai

In recent years, the number of incidences, illnesses and mortality by chronic diseases has been increasing, and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are a serious threat to the health of Chinese people, especially the elderly population, making it particularly important to focus on the unmet needs of chronic diseases.


Hasten Biopharma and Sinopharm Group signed a strategic collaboration agreement on June 24th of 2022 in Shanghai . The two companies will work together to build an ecosystem for chronic disease services, combining innovative services and business model to improve patient access to medicines through efficient commercialization capabilities.



The two parties reached a strategic partnership, relying on Sinopharm Group's strong import supply chain services, nationwide distribution network, strong marketing management capabilities, and diverse innovative services, to provide Hasten Biopharma with comprehensive supports including: pre-marketing services, import distribution, market access, marketing services, B2B retail coverage, internet hospital projects, and innovative payments.


Liu Yong, President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Sinopharm Group, “said: “As a leading domestic pharmaceutical distribution company, Sinopharm has always taken ‘All for Health, Health for All’ as its mission, and has been continuously innovating and empowering to expand its import supply chain service capabilities. In the future, Sinopharm will utilize its strong distribution network to promote the commercialization of Hasten Biopharma's products and jointly build an ecosystem for chronic disease services. 


Annie Lee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hasten Biopharma and Managing Director of CBC Group,“said: "Hasten Biopharma is committed to bringing a full range of solutions to patients with chronic and age-related diseases in China through collaborative efforts with top strategic partners in the industry. Building on Sinopharm's rich resource advantages and commercialization experience, this strong, full-chain, in-depth collaboration will further enhance our ability to bring high-quality drugs to China and greatly facilitate access to medicines for Chinese patients.“ 


Hasten Biopharma and its controlling shareholder, CBC Group, jointly announced the completion of the acquisition of Takeda Pharmaceutical's top five star drugs in the cardiovascular and metabolic sectors in March this year. With strong commercialization capabilities and CBC's unique 'investment plus operations' strategy and global healthcare experience, Hasten Pharma plans to use acquisition as a starting point continuing to enrich its chronic disease strategic product portfolio and bring more value to patients. This strategic partnership with Sinopharm Group marks another milestone for Hasten Biopharma to create a new and efficient business model to benefit Chinese patients.


In recent years, Sinopharm Group has actively resolved the pressure brought by policy changes, seized the opportunity of increasing concentration, empowered by technology, optimized its layout and enhanced its services. Through this agreement, Sinopharm Group and Hasten Biopharma will launch a new trade model and realize the whole supply chain service management of Hasten Biopharma’s antihypertensive drug Ebrantil® from overseas factories to Chinese patients, and each side will be empowered to cooperate for a win-win situation.


Summer Xia, Chief Executive Officer of Hasten Biopharma“said: "Hasten Biopharma is a company focused on the needs of patients, and our strategic partnership with Sinopharm will closely combine our respective strengths to meet the huge unmet medical needs in the field of chronic diseases in China, enabling more patients to benefit from innovative medicines as soon as possible, and together we will contribute to the realization of the '2030 Healthy China ' goal.


Liu Tianyao, General Manager of Sinopharm Group Global Procurement and Supply Chain Service Center,“said: "The new trade model is a challenge and also an opportunity for Sinopharm; by breaking through this challenge, Sinopharm Group’s supply chain will become more complete and stronger, adding more possibilities for future import capabilities. We look forward to breaking new ground with Hasten Biopharma and creating success together.