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CBC Group Announces the Completion of the Acquisition for 5 Takeda Drugs in the Cardiovascular & Metabolic Fields

- CBC Group further builds global healthcare platform to address unmet medical needs


- Hasten Biopharma accelerates its layout to provide more innovative drugs to Chinese patients


(March 31st, 2022) Today, CBC Group and Hasten Biopharma jointly announced the completion of the acquisition of five cardiovascular and metabolic pharmaceutical products from Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Hasten Biopharma is an innovative biopharmaceutical technology company jointly invested by CBC Group, Hefei Industrial Investment Group and Hefei Feidong County.


The five drugs in the deal are Takeda's star portfolio of cardiovascular and metabolic products marketed in mainland China, including Ebrantil®, Edarbi®, Blopress®, Basen®, and Actos®. Under the acquisition agreement, Hasten Biopharma will have exclusive rights to these drugs in mainland China, and the staff responsible for these products directly under Takeda's Internal Medicine Division in mainland China will join Hasten Biopharma. In addition, Takeda will continue to manufacture and supply these products to Hasten Biopharma.


The successful completion of this acquisition was made possible by the integrated industrial development model jointly explored and pioneered CBC Group and the Hefei government. CBC Group fully utilized its rich experience in landing large multinational M&A companies and directly land large industrial M&A projects for the local area, driving regional development.


Jiang Xin, General Manager of Hefei Industrial Investment Group and Chairman and General Manager of Hefei Industrial Capital, said, "The cooperation with CBC Group fully demonstrates Hefei Industrial Investment Group's strategic layout and determination to introduce innovative biopharmaceutical companies and gradually build a large health industry ecology. CBC Group not only has a strong track record in investment and M&A, but more importantly, its successful experience in post-investment operation and industrial integration, which can quickly and effectively drive the development of our biopharmaceutical industry and eventually form the Hefei health industry ecosystem. We believe there will be more cooperation with CBC Group in the future to enhance the social and economic benefits of Hefei through our two-wheel drive of industry and capital.“


Wang Shuwu, Deputy Secretary of the Feidong County Committee and County Mayor, said: “CBC Group and Hefei Industrial Investment Group have worked closely and efficiently with Feidong County to successfully complete the delivery of the Takeda Pharmaceutical project and established a good relationship. We experienced pragmatism and professionalism of CBC Group, especially its deep understanding of the health industry and the ability to integrate resources. We are very optimistic about CBC Group’s innovative biopharma’s incubation platform and hope that this project will be the starting point to introduce more biopharmaceutical projects in the future to drive the development of our industry. ”


Annie Lee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hasten Bioharma and Managing Director of CBC Group, said:“ Hasten Biopharma is committed to providing innovative therapies to patients in China, and the acquisition of these five drugs accelerates our efforts to become a leading full-industry pharmaceutical company in China. We look forward to our newly-joined colleagues from Takeda and will continue to leverage our extensive experience to deliver best-in-class innovative medicines and therapies to patients with chronic diseases.” 


With this acquisition by Hasten Biopharma , CBC Group is one step closer to building Asia's premier platform for medicines for basic diseases," said Wei Fu, Chief Executive Officer of CBC Group. “We will continue to implement CBC Group's unique ‘Investment plus Operation' strategy, leveraging the synergies between Hasten Biopharma and other CBC Group’s portfolio companies to bring world-class treatments and services to patients with chronic diseases in China and Asia. Hefei uses investment thinking to attract investment, putting investment in leading and nurturing industries in the first place, which coincides with CBC Group's commitment on the development of life and health industries, and CBC Group will continue to strengthen cooperation with Hefei to promote the innovative development of life sciences and medical health industries in Hefei.“


Since it was founded in 2014, CBC Group has built a strong global healthcare ecosystem, partnering with entrepreneurs and top companies in healthcare to deliver innovative solutions and improve healthcare efficiency and quality. Through fully utilizing its unique “Investment plus Operation" strategy, CBC Group has helped its portfolio companies complete nine initial public offerings and successfully incubated 12 life science companies. In recent years, CBC Group has also expanded its global healthcare ecosystem with the founding of RVAC Medicines in Singapore, Jadeite Medicines in Japan, and Ensem Therapeutics in the United States.


This acquisition marks that CBC Group has equipped with another important growth engine for the global healthcare platform it is building. CBC Grouup will continue to leverage its professional team of investment, industry and portfolio management to accelerate the growth of Hasten Biopharma and provide more innovative medicines to patients in China and Asia.