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Hasten Biopharmaceutical Company Limited (Hasten Biopharma) Breaks Ground on Its 1st Production Base in Feidong, Anhui Province on November 23rd , 2022.

The groundbreaking ceremony of Hasten Biopharma Hefei Production Base project


On the morning of Nov. 23, the groundbreaking ceremony for Hasten Biopharma Hefei Production Base project (Yi Bo Sen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) was held in Feidong, Hefei. Yuan Fei, member of the Standing Committee of Hefei Municipal Committee, attended the ceremony and announced the full start of the project. Summer Xia, CEO of Hasten Biopharma, Jiang Xin, General Manager of Hefei Industry Investment Group and Chairman & General Manager of Hefei Industry Investment Capital, Yao Fei, Secretary of Feidong County, Zhang Hong, CEO of RMB Business Group of CBC Group, Annie Lee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hasten Biopharma and Managing Director of CBC Group, Zhang Bo, Managing Director of CBC Broup and Director of Hasten Biopharma were present. Vice Governor of Feidong County, Ma Juanshu, hosted the ceremony. Representatives from related institutions of Feidong County and Hefei City participate in the start-up activities.


Founded in 2020, Hasten Biopharma is an innovative pharmaceutical company focusing on chronic diseases and geriatric-related diseases management. The Hefei base project is a key step for Hasten Biopharma to improve the management ecosystem of chronic diseases and geriatric-related diseases and to build a full industrial layout.


The first phase of Hasten Biopharma Hefei Production Base


Hasten Biopharma Hefei production base, located in the core area of new town zone in the east of Feidong County, is another example of Feidong County to accelerate the growth of biopharmaceutical industry cluster. The project will help Hefei biopharmaceutical industry to run in "acceleration" and contribute to the promotion of "Healthy China 2030" strategy. The first phase of the project covers an area of 25 acres with an investment of 190 million RMB, including the international leading GMP sub-packaging plant, quality inspection laboratory, raw material and finished product warehouse, synthetic building and supporting facilities. The construction period of the project will be 14 months, and the process verification and trial operation will be completed by the end of 2024. The project is expected to be officially put into operation in 2025.


In recent years, Hefei has accelerated the building of a high-quality industrial system. As the sunrise industry, the biopharmaceutical industry is one of the strategic emerging industries that Hefei has been cultivating and developing. According to the 14th Five-Year Plan of biopharmaceutical industry development of Hefei, the output value of the bio-pharmaceutical industry of the city will exceed 100 billion RMB by 2025.


At the groundbreaking ceremony, Jiang Xin said in his speech that Hefei Industrial Investment Group, as one of the important ways for Hefei to play the leading role of state assets and serve the development of emerging industries, has joined forces with Feidong County and CBC Group through the way of “Fund + Base” and “Investment + Investment Attraction” to incubate Hasten Biopharma to a base of Hefei biopharmaceutical industry, creating a sample of industry landing driven by capital investment. We hope to have more cooperation with CBC Group and other strategic partners, building new advantages, and continue to promote the high-quality development of local industries in Hefei.


In order to speed up the construction of Hefei Big Health Innovation Highland, Feidong has focused on high-quality development in recent years, applied market-driven thinking, adhered to the attraction of large, strong, new and excellent investments, targeted the new positioning of Two Places and One District, paid close attention to the top priority of investment attraction, and promoted investment attraction in an all-round way.


Yao Fei said in his speech: "Feidong actively integrated into the industrial division of Hefei, vigorously develop the biopharmaceutical industry, promote a number of projects such as Hicin Pharmaceutical, Dayu Pharmaceutical, BGI, etc., the biopharmaceutical industry has become an important force in the economy of Feidong, the scale of which exceeded the 10 billion RMB. The Hasten Biopharma project is another 'example' of focusing on the key track and using financial tools successfully. Feidong will follow the guidance of the spirit of 20th CPC National Congress and provide important support as well as contribute "Feidong strength" to the development of Hefei biopharmaceutical industry.”


“The good policy and business environment in Hefei, the gradually perfected biopharmaceutical industry chain, and the hard work of the cadres at all levels to promote the high-quality development of the industry have given Hasten Biopharma the confidence and determination to continue to develop in Hefei.” Said by Summer Xia on the ceremony, “Hasten Biopharma will connect the upstream and downstream industry chains through the layout of 'whole industry' and 'globalization' to build a leading innovative medical healthcare enterprise in China, and strive to become the new 'business card' of Hefei biopharmaceutical industry.” “CBC Group will continue to strengthen cooperation with Hefei and contribute new impetus to the higher-quality development of the biopharmaceutical industry in Hefei," said Annie Lee in her speech.