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Hasten Biopharma Partners with Sinopharm Jiangsu to Create a New Digital Marketing Model for Pharmaceuticals

Hasten Biopharma and Sinopharm Group Jiangsu Company Limited signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Suzhou Jiangsu Province on September 27th 2022. The two companies will work together to create a closed-loop medical service by using innovative digital marketing methods, enhance the coverage of digital platform through the efficient commercialization capability of Sinopharm Jiangsu, and assist patients in the whole course of health management.



Driven by favorable policies, normalized epidemic control and other trends, digital platforms and pharmaceutical e-commerce are developing rapidly, bringing patients a good experience in terms of drug accessibility, convenience and service expertise, and the "medical + pharmaceutical" closed-loop service model is becoming mature.


Summer Xia, the CEO of Hasten Biopharma said: “Focusing on patient needs, Hasten Biopharma brings high quality originator drugs in the fields of chronic diseases and geriatric-related diseases, while also striving to help improve patient access to innovative health solutions through various innovative approaches and deep collaborations with industry partners. The partnership with Sinopharma Jiangsu will provide Chinese chronic disease patients with more convenient and wider coverage access to originator drugs, and it is another important step for Hasten Biopharma to accelerate the layout of the chronic disease out-of-hospital market.”


Cao Zhiyi, the General Manger of Sinopharm Group Jiangsu Co., Ltd pointed out: “As a wholly-owned provincial subsidiary of Sinopharm Group, Sinopharm Jiangsu has been deeply involved in e-commerce operations for many years, and both Sinopharm and Hasten Biopharma are leaders and pioneers in their respective fields. I believe that this cooperation is a new starting point and journey, both sides will work together to create an e-commerce operation system for prescription drugs and chronic disease drugs, which will certainly achieve complementary industry chain and strategic win-win. We hope that on the basis of this cooperation both sides can further deepen the trust and exchange, expand the depth and breadth of cooperation, strengthen the exploration of future innovative models, work together for sustainable development and make new contributions to the health of the Chinese people.”


The partnership with Sinopharm Jiangsu is an in-depth cooperation under the strategic cooperation framework agreement between Hasten Biopharma and Sinopharm Group in June this year. Relying on its sound sales and distribution network, especially its strong e-commerce operation and management capabilities and diverse innovative services, Sinopharm Jiangsu will provide comprehensive services such as market access, marketing coverage, digital platform operation and management for Hasten Biopharma's products to enhance the accessibility of quality branded originator drugs and lead the way of digitalization health future.